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Edition: 3 of 4  
Material:  Farbglashütte 
Size:  45x27x8cm
Weight: ca. 8 kg
Year: 2013

Falling .... (Metamorphosis I)

The ease of matter, which surrenders itself to being created and changed, still must respect the structures and laws of nature, which rules everything. Alone it can and shall not deviate nor escape from them at all, as it was determined by an higher order. 


It wanted to be free, free of conventions. It searched for colleagues to master new ways. Together, they overcame playfully and quiet crafty multiple times the boundaries of the "Now". However, with each incremental step  unpredictable mutation happened which fascinated but remained irreversible. In its innocence play with the metamorphosis the matter surrendered more of itself than it should, having ignored the silent warnings. Then, it happened during the most innocent of moments of the play when falling towards becoming a truly new form the matter found its future, but also ultimate destiny - remaining in a constant fall.