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Edition:     1

Material:   Bronze 



Size:         104x45x0.5 cm

Weight:     26 kg


Year:         2010

Floating within ... Virtues & Vices


We see our vices and virtues flying by, ignoring often they exist within us. Having said this, one will not acknowledge nor openly talk about them as we were educated as children not to sin and be modest in respect of one's virtues. Thus, we all have secrets, hidden in our deepest soul.


Nowadays, society may be open in its discourse about weaknesses and traits. On one hand, nobody speaks openly about their failures in behavior versus common norms. As such individuals and societies cater often for their needs and objectives first before applying virtues for the greater common good. Yet, blaming and slashing is widely accepted in the media and in our daily gossip - starting at head of state levels and ending in the local gutter. Nobody escapes this sensation of avoiding exposing his/her own shortcomings. 


This scarf represents a set of 8 virtues & vices - paired to maintain a vital balance according to the motto „IN MEDIO STAT VIRTUS“. 

Virtue   Vice
Castitas (Chastity) Luxuria (Lust)
Temperantia (Temperance) Gula (Gluttany)
Caritas (Charity) Avaritia (Greed)
Industria (Diligence) Acedia (Sloth)
Patientia (Patience) Ira (Wrath)
Humanitas (Kindness)  Invidia (Envy)
Humilitas (Humility) Superbia (Pride)
Iustitia (Justice) Venaliter (Corruption)

If one sees the scarf, they instantly recognize their own Virtues and Vices, which they carry within them - all hidden under a self-controlled camouflage. Thus, one look may be sufficient at this scarf floating around the world to remind those how have lost sight of balancing out any of their misfits.